Welcome to the Ali Kazemaini Foundation

"I believe that there is a higher being, kind, giving and merciful encouraging us to see the good. I believe that we witness miracles how little or big in every day of our existence. I believe that every parent sacrifices to ensure the best opportunities for their children. Therefore I live to ensure that their legacy continues"

-Ali Kazemaini


The Ali Kazemaini Foundation plans to enhance the world in particular North East Ohio where underprivillaged children between the age of 8-17 are able to recognize a better future through access to quality tutoring in early learning/education, college preparatory advising and sport of soccer.

We believe in the potential of all children and do what we can to empower them to improve their situation on their own. It is our intention to identify these athletes, develop their skill/game, supplement their learning through our tutoring program and prepare them for higher education. We have chosen this approach, because we truly believe this is the only way to achieve long term positive change in each child's environment.

Although access to primary education has greatly increased, there still exists alarming low rates in class room performance and inadequate comprehension in english and math. Many are not even aware of the core classes needed for acceptance into a 4 year College or University and often settle for a two year community college at best before dropping out. The Ali Kazemaini foundation will work towards offering supplemental early education tutoring in particular English and Math. Advising the athletes and their families on how to obtain different educational and athletic grants/scholarships and how to strategically prepare to make higher education a reality.

The Ali Kazemaini  foundation will only work with carefully selected local representatives to identify these players and their families. This approach will ensure that the family also accepts responsibility in enhancing their lives. The foundation will also train and develop the athletes on the soccer field by Licensed soccer staff through domestic and international competition hosted or sponsored by the foundation.

The educational and the athletic opportunity offered by The Ali Kazemaini Foundation is the least we can do in giving back.

The Board:

Ali Kazemaini, Shelly Kazemaini, Mike Smith, Chris Green, Luis Morin.